Vaillante Commando 2

A Vaillante Commando GTC sporting Texas Driver's livery

Vaillante Commando 3

Vaillante Commando C piloted by Alain Dex in 1974

The Vaillante Commando is a production car designed for rough terrain. A popular design, this type has seen a lot of use in the Vaillant family. The Vaillante Rush shares some design elements with this model, as does a later model, the Vaillante Cevert. The first iteration of this model, the Commando GTC, is powered by a Ford powertrain; testing of this engine was done under the guise of a Ford GT40 Mk. IV body.

The Commando eventually is surpassed by the Commando C, although this model is a lot less popular than the original design.

The latest version of this car, the Commando '05, is seen during the Rally of Iceland, with David Dougherty and Guilio Cavallo as its pilots.

Vaillante Commando 05

The Vaillante Commando '05 during the Rally of Iceland