Vaillante brand

Current corporate logo of Vaillante. This logo is a variant of a design first introduced in 1965 and is still in use to this day.

Vaillante is a car manufacturer, originating from France. The company mainly designs and produces cars, and in a varying degree other vehicles. It is known for its use of cutting-edge technologies (including production-ready hydrogen cars) and its production of Formula 1 cars. These cars are driven by several pilots, including Michel Vaillant and Steve Warson.


The company started as a transport company, which manufactured trucks and cars as well. In 1939, Henri Vaillant decides to create a racing team, using is family's factories and knowledge to create a racing car.

Corporate StructureEdit

Vaillante is owned and run by the Vaillant family, with one of the children taking over as chairman when the current chairman retires. So far, the company has been lead by: