Leader World Leader

Design of The World Leader taken out of the datafile from Ruth

The World Leader was a purpose-built car by Asian car manufacturer Leader[1]. The company hoped to be the first to break the world speed record for land faring vehicles by breaking the sound barrier with it. However, when it became apparent that American pilot Chuck Danver would beat them to this with his own machine, the Sonic Bird, Leader tried everything in its power (including extortion and violence) to keep Danver from succeeding. The car was lost (and never achieved its objective) when a Leader pilot purposefully coursed The World Leader towards a collision course with the Sonic Bird. The car was being driven at that moment by Steve Warson as a test-drive to see if it could break the sound barrier, before going for the official world record. While the Leader pilot ejected and The World Leader crashed, Warson managed to steer the Sonic Bird out of harm's way.

The car is showed off once more after the daring escape of Ruth, Michel, Steve and Bob from the Leader Compound in the Himalaya's [2]. Ruth managed to sneak out a datafile before she got captured. This file detailed some Leader designs, including The World Leader.


  1. Mach 1 for Steve Warson
  2. The Prisoner