Ruth Randson
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Ruth Wang
Ruth Randson Barett
Occupation Former CEO of Leader, currently unknown
Names in other languages
Family The Leader (father)
Margaret Randson (aunt)
Affiliates Bob Cramer
Film Lisa Barbuscia
Debut Album #25: Girls & Engines

The daughter of a British lady and an, at the time, unknown Indian scientist, Ruth Randson (sometimes as spelled as Ranson) has seen her fare share of action in the Vaillante universe. While initially appearing as a love interest to Steve Warson [1], over time she has been transformed into the arch-nemesis to the Vaillants. She has been described as both beautiful and deadly, assets she uses in heading Leader.


First introduced by her aunt during the pre-weddingnight of Michel Vaillant and Francoise Latour, Steve Warson is instantly smitten by her appearance. He finds out that racing leaves her cold, only adding to the intrigue. The two meet again in Villars sur Ollon in the Swiss alps, where Ruth is watching the festival. They spend an evening together, but in the end Steve is rebuffed by her. In Indianapolis she is his direct competitor, posing as South-African national Jo Barett. After the race she apologizes for keeping up the facade against Steve [2]. All this time she is portrayed as rather cold and calculated. When Michel Vaillant is unable to compete in a new season in Indianapolis due to an injury, Ruth takes his place instead. It is here that she receives a letter from her father and indulges Steve in her history. While she retreats to her room to get a different set of clothes, Steve holds up the letter and notices the Leader emblem watermarked in it. Knowing now that The Leader is her father makes it difficult for him to look at her the way he did [3].

After the apparent death of her father, she adopted his surname Wang and took over as CEO of Leader [4]. This didn't last long though, as apparently The Cabal was dissatisfied with her performances and staged to eliminate her [5]. Before escaping together with Steve Warson, Michel Vaillant and Bob Cramer, she managed to obtain a datafile, containing some of Leader's designs and their specs.


  1. Girls & Engines
  2. World Champion
  3. The Secret of Steve Warson
  4. The Missing Pilot
  5. The Prisoner