Leader HQ featured on the cover of the Dutch version of The Prisoner. Foreground: a Leader Prototype 1994 crashes into a Venturi 500 LM

Located somewhere in the Himalaya's, Leader Headquarters~ serves as the main base of operations to Leader's activities. It is the largest base the company operates around the world. It is unknown if Leader also produces vehicles here, or if it is just it's main administrative center.


The base is built into the Tibetan mountains surrounding it, with a landing strip next to it. This strip leads to a hangar for the planes landing there; the lowest level of the compound. From there, a monorail leads deeper into the mountains, to the very heart of Leader itself. The mansion comprises several levels, some of which are never seen by some within leader, not to mention outsiders.

The Leader MuseumEdit

On the same level as the landing strip and hangar is Leader's Production Museum. Here, the total thirty-years production of (how The Monk calls it) world's leading car-manufacturer is shown off. Included here are regular cars, Formula 1 cars, construction vehicles, aeronautical designs and so on. These include, but are not limited to: