Challenge on the Remparts~ is the 50th album in the Michel Vaillant series. Published in 1988, it is intended as a celebrationary edition. The comic shows off a lot (if not all) of Vaillante's models designed up until that point, and a lot of familair faces make an appearance.

Dutch: Uitdaging op de Wallen

French: Le défi des remparts

German: Die Herausforderung der 4 Asse


The Vaillante family decides to sponsor and subsequently enter twenty of their cars in the Circuit des Remparts, a streetrace in which a lot of oldtimers partake, located in the city of Angouleme. And even though the family has invited their old contenders, they surmise that it will all be an easy race. 4 Aces, mysterious drivers in fantastic cars, are not planning on letting them win this race so easily though...


First Course: Endurance Vehicles

Winner: Henri Vaillant

Second Course: Grand Prix Vehicles

Winner: Jean-Pierre Vaillant

Third Course: Rally and Gran Turismo Vehicles

Winner: Bill Rix

Fourth Course: Prototypes

Winner: Jacky Ickx

Fifth Course: Formula 1

Winner: Michel Vaillant